It’s really hard to believe that a 300 years old wooden church was constructed without a nail, yes it’s true. The Kizhi Pogost of Russia is having a bell tower and two churches which are built of wood in the 18th century. The amazing thing to see are those 22 different sized and shaped domed transfiguration churches that are having a huge iconostasis -screen covered with various religious sketches which are also made up of wood.
This 37 meters tall church is made entirely of wood without using a nail. the whole structures were made with the use of interlocking scribe-fitted horizontal logs.
The builder builds these churches with a proper ventilation system to prevent them from decaying. There is a myth about this church is that the master-builder used a single axe for the whole construction which was later thrown into the lake with the words “there was not and will be not another one to match it”. And those words still remain as The Kizhi Pogost churches are the tallest and finest log structures in the world.

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