world oldest man

Would you believe it if we tell you that a man who had lived for 256 years? you won’t believe it but yes that’s true, Meet Li ching-yuen the world oldest man, a residence of China who was lived for 256 years. Li ching-yuen was born on May 3, 1677, in Sichuan, China. According to a 1930 article published in the new york times, Li ching-yuen reportedly lived for 256 years and maybe even more.

According to the research, this man knew perfectly the secrets to living a long life. Drinking rice wine, sex, herbs, and meditation were the secrets for his long life. Li ching-yuen was a simple living man, he never wasted his time on useless things, he never smoked, he maintain the proper diet, he takes proper sleep, all these things helped him a lot to survive that many years.

During his lifetime he married 23 women in different segments and become a father to over 200 children. he was 7 ft high long and works as a herbalist. He sometimes traveled far away in search of herbs. he used those herbs for himself and the rest he sell them for profit. He died from natural causes on 6 May 1933. Li ching-yuen is known for Extreme longevity of 256 years. it will not be wrong if you call him the world’s oldest man.

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