African Blackwood

African blackwood is the most expensive wood

There are several kinds of wood that come on the list of the most expensive wood in the world like Agarwood, Blackwood(Ebony), sandalwood, Pink Ivory, Ironwood (Lignum vitae), Amaranth the Purple Heart, and many more but African blackwood is the most expensive wood in the world while Sandalwood comes in the second position of that list. The African blackwood belongs to the legume family of wood and is very rare. Congowood, Mpingo, Mozambique ebony, Babanus, Grenadilla are some other names of this wood.

The tree of African blackwood is commonly found in the area of Tanzania, Kenya, Ethiopia, and Nigeria and is not that huge in size, They are multi-stemmed and usually grow up to 20-25 ft.

Price of African Blackwood
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Price of African Blackwood

The price of the African blackwood is beyond our imagination as it is the most expensive wood on the planet. The price of African blackwood is about 7 lakh per kilogram and it takes about 50 years for this tree to be ready to cut. Just imagine, what will be the cost of that tree, whose 1 kg of wood cost 7 lakh per kg. Yes! you read it correctly 7 lakh per kilogram. In 2016 the price of processed timber wood of African blackwood was listed as $13,000 per cubic square meter.

African blackwood - the most expensive wood in the world

The Use of African Blackwood

Be that as it may, as costly as it might appear, African Blackwood merits the cost. It is more steady and impervious to twisting and is appraised as entirely strong with regards to rot opposition.

The Use of African Blackwood
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African blackwood is used in the manufacture of musical instruments live guitars, clarinets, oboes, clarinets, oboes, bagpipes, etc, and decorative objects such as traditional carvings. African Blackwood was imported and utilized in Ancient Egypt millennia prior.

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