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Cats are one of the beautiful and clever creatures of god. There are about 38 species of cats on our earth. their cute activity and mysterious personality made them the most popular pet all over the world. cats have soft fur and a flexible body. Girls love the cats most as a pet. According to a report 18% of Uk family holds a cat as their pet. Cats produce different sounds according to their needs. The cats are believed to be the only mammals who don’t taste sweetness but they love milk we all know. let us discuss some amazing facts about cats.

Some Amazing and Interesting Facts about Cats

  1. Cats are so intelligent that they can feel and understand the current mood of human beings.
  2. A cat’s teeth are sharper when they are a kitten.
  3. Cats can produce more than 100 different sounds.
  4. Did you know having a cat at home may reduce the chance of heart attack by 1/3 % of its owners?
  5. Adult cats produce “meow” sounds when they want to communicate with human beings.
  6. Cat hates bathing.
  7. Felicette the cat, travel to space in October of 1960.
  8. Cats do sweat through their footpads.
  9. cats are having flexible bodies and can jump up to 6 times more than their height.
  10. In England and Ireland, It’s a bit of good luck if a black cat crosses your way.
  11. Cats can recognize their own name however they decide not to react.
  12. There are 32 muscles in a cat’s ear.
  13. Cat has vertical pupils.
  14. Hawaiian cat loves surfing.

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