American Dream The world longest car

If we tell you that a helicopter can land on top of a car, will you believe us? No, but there is such a car in the world on which a helicopter can be landed. Presenting you the American dream, It is the world’s longest car. The cost of this car is around 27 crores and This is officially the longest car in the world.

This world’s longest limousine was entered in the Guinness book of world record in the year 1986. This extra stretched limousine is about 100 feet long and is designed by Jay Ohrberg at the beginning of the ’90s. Ohrberg was also a car collector who deals in all kinds of luxury vehicles. Ohrberg started the design of this car in the 19s and after 12 years he was able to make it a reality. he launched this car in 1992.

This car moves on 26 wheels and it can be driven from both sides. In this car, a double V8 engine has been used, one engine has been installed in the front and the other engine has been installed at the rear. The car is so big that it also has a swimming pool, a Jacuzzi bathtub, a mini-golf core, and even a personal helipad.

This car can accommodate more than 70 people. The car also has a number of TVs, a refrigerator and a telephone facility. This car became very famous once it was recorded in the Guinness book of world record as the world’s longest car. After becoming famous, this car appeared in many big functions of American celebrities.

One of the interesting facts about this car is despite being such a long car, it could turn from the middle as well for a flexible movement.

American Dream The world longest limousine car

This car was specially made to be work in cinema and this car was to be personalized at 50 to 200 dollars for an hour. later It was not possible to maintain such a costly car with the money received from the cinema, till the year 2012, this car remained a car of no use. Its wheels and windows also get destroyed. However, recently a well-known car museum has bought the destroyed car and now they have started working on the car to restore it to its previous prestige.


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