Cabbages & condom Cafe in Bankok, thailand

You must have seen my programs promoting birth control and family planning by our government or by many other non-government organizations but have you ever seen or heard a restaurant promoting social awareness among people in such a unique way? you can’t believe it.

Did you know, There is a very wried but unique cafe located in Bangkok, Thailand named “Cabbages and Condoms cafe”. This condom cafe promoter the usage of condoms with a cup of coffee. yes, condom cafe, sounds strange but serves foods with a strong social message.

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We all are aware of the usage of condoms but this condom cafe makes us think again. entire cafe is decorated in an amazing theme with condoms. they have used condoms in decoration almost in everything. they used colorful condoms for dressing the statues, making the flowers, in table decoration and yes, the Santa decorated with condoms we can’t ignore. Not only this, they did not leave a single place in the restaurant where condoms have not been used. This cabbages and condom cafe serving with the clear objective to promote safe sex.

Cabbages and Condoms cafe use of condom

This Cabbages and Condom cafe is located in the heart of Thailand, Bangkok. At a distance of 200 meters from Sukhumvit road. No dought this restaurant may come on the list of the most unique restaurants in the world. All those amazing and unique ideas of decoration with colorful condoms of this Condom cafe always remain in the mind of its guest with a strong message of the importance of family planning and safe sex. if we talk about the best part of this cafe, the cafe also provides some free condoms after every meal.

This Condom cafe is also having a decorated background with a social message “SORRY, we have no mints please take a condom instead”. This eye catching background attract visitors for photoshoot. This cafe is getting huge attention from the people and many pics and videos are also getting viral on social media platforms due to its unique marketing strategy. along with the cafe they also have a handicraft store that sells unique products crafted with colorful condoms to take back home.

Cabbages and Condoms cafe board

So, Next time if you are planning to visit Thailand don’t forget to visit this amazing Cabbages and condom cafe.

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