Death Valley the 300 km road without a turn

You must have heard or seen about very big and dangerous highways in life, but have you heard about a straight highway that is 300 km long and has no turn? Death Valley Road, which is one of the hardest and most dangerous roads in the world. This road is located in California one of the states of America. The length of this road is about 190 miles which are approximately 305 kilometers and mainly connect Nevada and California together. Being in the desert area, the temperature of this area remains very hot.

The temperature of the death valley road.

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Death Valley is one of the hardest and hottest place to visit. this place is famous as the hottest place on earth and driest place in North America. The temperature of the Death Valley in summer can be reached up to 120°F and in the evening, its temperature goes down to minus, which makes it even more dangerous. this area was also listed as the world’s highest air temperature of 134°F which was recorded on July 10, 1913, at Furnace Creek. If you are driving on this road in summer you are recommended not to turn your Car AC on as your car engine may catch fire due to overheating.

If you are planning to make the trip to Death Valley, then you will have to go with all your necessary item food because on the way there is no restaurant or public service for many kilometers, Apart from this, if you have to stop on the road due to some reason, it’s better to spend your maximum time in the car because of being a desert place, there is a high risk of attack from wild animals.

Mystery of the moving stone of Death Valley.

Mystery of the moving stone of Death Valley.
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For Death Valley, it is said that the big stone there has been seen moving from its place. Many people say that this is the work of some magical power. Some people say that there is some magnetic force, which pulls them towards themselves. Many researchers are studying these moving stones for several years. A video of these stones slipping had also gone viral on social media, due to which it became a topic of thinking.

finally, the mystery was cracked in 2014 by Richard D. Norris and his cousin James M. Norris two NASA Scientists. According to them, the moment occurred due to the melting of ice and the strong pressure of wind which force them to change their place. They said moments of rocks occurred due to the rare combination of conditions in winter. Being the temperature is minus in the evening, the area normally gets frozen. On sunny days, the melting of ice and the strong wind pressure force leads these rocks to change their places.

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