Don't make these 10 mistakes
  1. Never have sex with someone you don’t love. By doing this knowingly or unknowingly you are playing with the life of that person. whose right no one has given to you.
  2. Never beg for love in front of anyone because begging for love is worse than death. even if you managed to get such love then you will never be given the much love, respect, and importance that you deserve.
  3. Never consider yourself less than anyone. by doing this you can lose your confidence and morale. And without confidence, you cannot give your best in any work.
  4. You should not lose your self-respect in love at any moment, if you feel this is happening to you then it’s time to quit the relationship right now because self-respect always matters in a relationship.
  5. Never have a relationship with your friend’s girlfriend, with his wife, or even with his sister, by doing this you will lose your respect in front of him or even you can lose that good friend forever.
  6. You should never have a relationship with a person who has come to you by deceiving someone else. Such a relationship never lasts for long. That person will definitely cheat you tomorrow too because human tendency never changes.
  7. Never refuse to accept your mistake but always try to correct it by accepting it because it will help you to increase your decision power to take big decisions in your future.
  8. No one in the world should be given more importance than yourself, your family, and your career because by doing so you will ruin all those important things in life.
  9. Always look forward to your future, do not stick with the past by doing so you can’t concentrate on your goal. In this situation, your mental health will never allow you to do so. always look forward to moving forward.
  10. Never express too much love, affection, or care to someone, because it’s the human tendency to never respect anting that is more than necessary.

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