GIETHOORN: A village where there is no road

It really sounds very strange that a place where there is no road, And yes that’s true, Giethoorn is a pleasant village without a single road which is located in the Dutch province of Overijssel, Netherlands. In Giethoorn you can’t find a single car as cars are allowed to enter, people used boats and bicycles as a mode of transport.
Giethoorn is famous for its lovely lakes, flowers, greenery, and yes wooden bridges. As cars are not allowed in Giethoorn the Visitors have to park their cars outside the village. A village without a road could be the reason for Giethoorn becoming a remarkable tourist spot and its lakes, wooden bridges, Thatched roof houses, attractive garden, and boating experience make visitor’s journey unforgettable. As we know the fact that Giethoorn is devoid of roads, and people used boats and cycle instead of cars and other vehicles, you can imagine how peaceful and pollution-free place it is. You will definitely love to visit this place.

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