good habits that no one going to teach you

Here is the list of some good habits which you can’t find in any book or nobody going to teach you. you have to learn them by yourself if you really want a peaceful and self-satisfaction life. Adopting all those good habits make you different from other. if you don’t believe try them.

  1. When someone handover his phone to show you a photo, you should not swipe left or right because nobody wants to disclose his privacy in front of anyone.
  2. Never call someone more than twice continuously. if they don’t pick up your call, it means they are having something more important than you or they are not interested to talk to you.
  3. Avoid bringing money in-between relations, it will ruin your relationship with the person you borrow or lent. if you borrowed, give it back before time. if you lend then have some patience.
  4. You should respect others’ political opinions even if you are on the opposite side. It is totally waste of time to argue on a topic in which you are not getting any benefit.
  5. you should not order an expensive dish from the menu if someone else has to pay the bill. it is always better to ask them to order their choice of food for you.
  6. Take off your sunglasses while talking to someone in the street. it is a sign of respect while talking.
  7. Do not enter someone’s bedroom until and unless they told you to do so.
  8. Do not hit the animals unnecessarily. Always try to give some food or water if possible.
  9. Never make fun of anyone by their profession or caste. respect every caste and treat everyone with equal respect, be it a sweeper or a President.
  10. Always offer a glass of water to the person who comes to your door from a distance, be it a postman or a delivery man.
  11. Don’t ask a person about his or her age and salary.
  12. Don’t stare at anyone buying condoms or sanitary products.
  13. Always love and respect your family as they are the only people, who always pray for your good health and future.

Friends, in this article we have listed some good habits that no one going to teach you. We hope you liked this article and If you have any opinions or suggestions about this article, then please let us know by commenting below.

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