Have you any idea that how much banana can help you to increase your sex stamina while having sex with your partner. If you are one of them whose partner mostly remains unsatisfied then these simple tips will definitely help you to deal with that problem. Two bananas before intercourse and a glass of cow milk in morning breakfast is a perfect combination, help you to increase your stamina. banana is a rich source of an amino acid called tryptophan, that will increase the production of a happy hormone called serotonin apart from that banana can helps in the production of testosterone hormone in men which plays a major role in improving your sex power and helps you to satisfy your partner’s needs in bed. On the other hand, the banana will provide you with enough energy to perform in bed like a pro.

if you are a man and you are suffering from a shortage of sperm count in your body then cow milk will be “Rambaan”.
having cow milk in your breakfast is a very effective remedy. Cows milk and cows ghee is very helpful in increase sexual stamina and semen and reduce heat from the body naturally which helping you last longer in bed.

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