Youtube is a huge platform to where you can find your potential customers. It opens the opportunity to reach your new audience and promote your business in a digital way. Nowadays everyone loves watching youtube videos as video helps you to understand better than any other lengthy theory. Todays, a huge population is involved in creating and uploading videos on youtube channel to get earned. youtube now has crossed more than 2 billion users which is more than 25% of the world’s population. if you are still away from youtube then you are missing a big opportunity to expand your business as youtube has become the world’s second-largest search engine.

If you are a publisher and looking for some amazing tricks to increase your subscribers and watchtime of your Youtube video, then stay with us. In this article, we will provide you the important tips to increase your youtube subscriber and video watch time for free.

8 most important tips to increase your youtube channel subscribers

Create Engaging Content on a particular theme and stick to it

If you want to increase your subscribers and create your own audience on youtube then you have to serve something interesting, something useful to your audience that should create a curiosity among them to watch your video again and again. Before getting started on any youtube channel you need to spend enough time doing research about your content just like other successful YouTubers did. you need to create your content keeping in mind about the requirment of your target audience. If you have already done a startup with a good strategy and content that is having a good enough chance to grow in the future then stick to that. keep doing efforts, don’t get disturbed by what others doing, this can be one of the best things that you can do to grow your youtube channel and subscribers as well.

Provide a better video and audio quality

A video with good quality always attract users which may resulted with the effective growth in your youtube channel subscriber. nobody takes interest in watching a video with poor quality or uncleared voice which may lead to an increase in the bounce rate and thats not good for your channel. Focus on Quality of Content over Quantity of Content. Nowadays creating a video with good quality is not that much difficult or expensive. You need not spend a heavy amount to maintain video quality. A major part of the YouTuber’s family is using his smartphone as a mode of creating video.

Here are some tips which may help in creating a quality video without a heavy investment.

  • Use Tryport while creating video as it helps you to adjust your camera in any direction easily according to your need.
  • Maintain a proper brightness while video recoding for perfect video quality. avoid recording in dim light.
  • You can use your phone’s voice recorder in place of any expensive sound recorder or mice to record audio as the phone recorder also can record good sound quality.
  • The Voice recording process should be done in a place where there is no disturbance or you can record your sound in the silence of the night.
  • While recording any audio you should Keep your Recording device at a fixed distance from your face which will avoid you to record a bobbing voice, it will give you a fixed volume ratio.

Create an attractive thumbnail

Creating an attractive and catchy thumbnail will increase your video’s views which subsequently lead to an increase in your subscribers. The video thumbnail is the very first impression of your video to the viewers as they’re browsing YouTube. Youtube lets you to add a thumbnail in any of your videos. You can create an attractive thumbnail and attached it to the video. this will definitely help to grow your audience. As per youtube, the recommended size of thumbnails should be 1280×720 pixels.

Optimize Your Videos and Channel

Optimization of the video is another important thing that you can do to grow your channel’s subscribers as it helps videos to rank better in the youtube search engine. optimization is the best way to bring new organic traffic to your channel without spending money. The optimization process includes video title, description, tag and etc

Promote your video on social media

If you are running a new channel and you want to introduce your video to the new audience with the aim of increasing your subscriber then promoting your video on social media is the best way to boost up your channel. you can get good enough traffic from social media according to your business type. promoting your video on social media involves both free and paid. Social media provides you with good traffic at an extremely low price.

Ask Viewers to Subscribe

Yet another thing that you can do to increase your subscriber is by directly approaching your viewers to like, comment, and subscribe to your channel as many other YouTubers do. you might see this process in many videos in which either the created directly ask you to subscribe or sometimes they are using a subscription gif image appears on the screen, and you know what it actually works. you can also add this asking process for channel submission at starting and at the end of your video.

Add a smart Watermark

Watermark is just like a logo on the videos that many YouTubers use for the fear of their video being copied and used by someone else. Even experienced YouTubers or almost all are adding their channel’s logo as a watermark, but if you want to increase your subscription you can add subscribe button in place of the logo to get a better response.

Reply to Comments

Being active in your comment section box is the best way to increase your subscription.
by doing this you will get direct feedback and suggestion about your videos from the views.
you can improve your video with their tips and sometimes you get video ideas from those comments.

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