Someone has told the truth that God has given some talent to everyone but you should come to know it.

A video has been uploaded by the team of Gunnies world record of a lady who had set the world record for popping her eyes for the farthest distance. The name of that lady is Kim Goodman and she lives in Chicago, Illinois. In our childhood eye-popping was just fun for us and this lady has set the record for popping her eye. according to Kim Goodman, she recognized her unique talent accidentally when she was hit over the head. her eyeballs get popped out extra further than normal people. since that day her talent get an interesting turn.

The size of the eyes of Kim Goodmen is around 0.47 inches which is the largest in the world. she become social media sensation when her video was shared by Gunnies World Record Instagram official page, enlarging and poping her eyes from 3 different directions which are almost impossible for a normal human being. her perfect eyes popping from every direction video got viral on social media and attract many viewers. many people comments asking if her eyes really popped out from her eye socket and some commented this was a fake video. In 2014 goodman’s name was listed in the book of Guinness world record as the top ten feats.

Kin Goodman eye popping video

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