Psychological facts about Love and Relationship

15 Shocking Psychological facts about Love and Relationship

  1. If you can’t bend a little for your love, then you can’t stay together for long.
  2. After a breakup, if you find faults in yourself, then believe us, you are going to have a lot of trouble moving on.
  3. A person who loves the most or has more expectations from his/her partner has more chance of being cheated in love.
  4. If a girl or a boy keeps on caressing his hair again and again while talking to you, then most probably, he or she likes you.
  5. It is scientifically proven, that a love relationship affects the person’s working ability or studying capability. He or she can’t put his best into his work or into her study.
  6. Love couples usually walk slower than normal people so that they can spend more time with each other.
  7. According to love psychology, People prefer a good face and reject a good heart.
  8. Real women always stay loyal to their men, it doesn’t matter how many males approach them.
  9. The best feeling comes to a person when he comes to know that he is special to someone and he or she really cares about him/her.
  10. Both girls and boys Girls usually don’t maintain eye contact with the person they love in a new relationship.
  11. Girls always love it when guys call them by their name. so the next time you, talk to your crush use her name more often.
  12. According to love psychology, Girls are quite better at moving on from any relationship as compared to boys.
  13. Girls and boys who marry without the consent of their parents are never happy.
  14. Girls are biologically get attracted to guys with good physics and taller than them because these are associated with the ability to protect them.
  15. When someone is in love, then each and every song or love scene reminds him of his love.

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