What is the reason for the Belgian blue bull's muscles

Several times some viral pics or videos on social media make us to think “Is it real?” and the above viral pic is one of them. You must be wondering whether this picture has been edited or photoshopped. In this article, we will clear all your dought.

The animal in this pic is a Belgian blue bull and yes, this is absolutely real. Belgian bull is popularly known for its spectacular muscle and quiet temperament. If you will know the actual reason behind this species being so bulky, you can probably get a big shock and you may feel heartbroken about this cattle.

What is the reason for the Belgian blue bull’s impressive muscles?

The actual reason behind the Belgian bull’s bulk size with strong shaped muscles is a naturally occurring mutation called “Double Muscling,” and this is occurred due to the deficiency of a certain protein that helps in regulating the muscle’s growth.

The first Belgium blue cow was developed by professor handset through artificial insemination and after the invention of that amazing and unique breed, these cattles got spread among the beef farmers.

What are the characteristic of Belgian Blue bulls?

As the name suggests the Belgian Blue cattle originated in central and upper Belgium. they are large size animals and are mostly seen in the combination of white, blue roan, black, and sometimes in red color which is very rare.
These cattle are born with normal-sized muscles like all others but after 4-5 weeks their muscles start developing with an abnormal increase in weight. The normal adult Belgian bull can be weighed up to 2700 pounds and the Belgian cow can be about 1700 pounds.

What are Belgian Blue cattle used for?

Belgium cattle are mostly used for beef production as these cattle are not good at milk. Due to its double muscles, characteristic Belgium blue bulls are outstanding for beef production as they are approx 20% more profitable as compared to any typical cattle which leads to an increase in their demand.

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