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New Delhi: In India, Satta King is a number lottery game. this game totally depends on luck which attracts many players of mostly adult age. A huge number of crowds are involved in playing this game tremendously. Satta king is also known as Satta Matka, where “Satta” refers to gambling and “Matka” is driven from ancient times when Matka was used in finding the winner. As par Satta players, many people win A prize worth Rs 1 crore every day. Here, we have uploaded the Satta result which is reviewed by the top website of the Satta king market.

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Today’s Satta King live results 23 march 2023

Desawar satta : 82

Charminar : 82

Faridabad : 09

Deepmal : 09

Ghaziabad : 20

Gali : 16

Peshawer : 77

Taj : 17

Shri ganesh : 78

Shalimar : 38

Rajkot : 28

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satta king result

How to play Satta king game ?

Playing the Satta king game is very easy you have to select numbers from 00 to 99 as per your choice for any Satta king game i.e Faridabad, Gali, Desawar, Ghaziabad, etc and raise your bid on them. Wait till the result of that game opens. The result is published daily only at the scheduled time of each and every game. If the result of your selected game comes from your selected number, you won that game and you will get 90 times the amount you bid on that number.

satta king chart

From where you get the winning amount?

If you win any Satta Matka game then you will get 90 times the amount you bid as your reward gift and that reward price will be liable paid by the organization where you deposited your sum of the bidding amount. like you deposit your money to offline Khaaiwal, you can get in touch with them directly. Satta King game is a game of trust. Your money does not sink in this, but it is not necessary every time.

From where one can confirm its winning number?

All the famous games of Satta king are being played at the national level and the Satta results are also announced from a single place the same results are being uploaded on every betting website from years ago so that, the players who played Satta king game do not have to face any trouble finding the results of the Satta king. If you open Satta King on Google, you will find thousands of Satta king websites, which can check the result of every game. You can confirm your game results by visiting them.
Every Satta game announced its result at its fixed time and you can confirm your winning or loss from any top website of Satta king like, there you can see the list of all game results very easily.

Satta king note:

Satta king game comes in the category of gambling activity and is hence banned in many countries as this game involved financial risk.

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