The last Hug

This heartbreaking tragedy happened with two engineers when they were conducting routine maintenance of a turbine.

In Ooltgensplaat, Holland, there was routine maintenance happened of a turbine in a wind farm.
A group of four engineers was on the top of the turbine. The turbine height was about 67 m high. suddenly the turbine got fire and two engineers were stuck in that fire, they were on the gondola next to the turbine. The only escape way was completely engulfed with fire. There was no way left to escape.
After watching that horrible scene of fire and smoke creeping toward them, they both were realized that they will not survive. They hugged each other with breaded eyes and decide to escape anyhow. They both have died after. As per the news reporting, one of them died while jumping from the turbine, and the other surrender himself to the fire.

This incident given name as “the last hug”

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