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Satta king is a game of luck also known as satta matka. In this game, individuals can participate by placing bets on several forms of game like Desawer, Gali, Faridabad, Ghaziabad, and Charminar. initially, it was started as offline gaming but now the player can engage through several online modes like WhatsApp, Social media, Websites, and Android devices. this game comes in the category of illegal activity by the government and many laws have been introduced against it

How to play the Satta King game.

This game is quite simple to pay and in order to participate in Satta King, you must select the number from 00–99 to place your bet. players can also use the Android app for the same. later the game operator announces the Satta result, if the result matches with any of the selected numbers will declared as the Satta king winner and rewarded as 90% of the money bet on that particular number.

Forms of Satta King games and their timing

The entire Satta King industry is built on the four pillars Desawer, Gali, Faridabad, and Ghaziabad. these four pillars engage billions of crowds every day. apart from these games, there are some other games which are also become a trademark. here is the list of the satta king game and their timing.

Desawer: 05:10 AM
Gali: 11:30 PM
Faridabad: 6:00 PM
Ghaziabad: 9:20 PM
Charminar: 05:10 AM
Rajkot: 07:PM
Peshawar: 03:05 PM
Taj: 3:15 PM
Up Satta: 3:30 PM
Shri Ganesh: 04:30 PM
Hindustan: 04:00 PM
Lucky 7: 10:00 PM

How to Check Satta King Result?

In the Satta King game winners are decided by Satta results which are announced every day at their fixed times on almost every top Satta King website. Every player who has bet keeps anxious to see the result and tries to check every possible source of Satta result.

Fastest Satta King result websiteSatta king

How to claim Satta King winning.

There is no such official website or department building that is set to distribute the winning amount of the Satta King game. The players have to claim their winning amount from the spot where they deposited their bet. online players get their reward from online sources and offline winners get their money from the offline Khaiwal.

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