Why most of plane are white in colour?

Have you ever wondered why most commercial aeroplanes are white in colour? They can also be in any other attractive dark colour with some eye-catching texture, but no, you will see not all but most of them are simple and are white in colour, let’s know about it.

The first and most probable reason behind this is the aeroplane’s ability to reflect sunlight. we all know that as compared to any light colour, dark colours observes more sunlight which may lead to an increase in the temperature inside the plane and white colour helps in reducing the heat and solar radiation.

The other most obvious reason can be aeroplane’s weight, we all know every time we apply paint on any substance will increase its weight. every aeroplane painting process starts with white colour and every additional layer of painting to such a huge body will not even increase its weight but the cost of paint and labour cost as well. more weighted planes consume more fuel.

Another and last reason can be the accidental damage and any crash in an aeroplane while in air. white colour always helps to make them visible more easily compared to any other colour.

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