Prakriti Malla handwriting

Everyone loves good handwriting. Neat and clean handwriting always attracts the readers. If you are a kid you better know the importance of neat handwriting. Everyone has their own way of writing, some people have good handwriting some are bad we all must have tried to improve our handwriting at least once in our childhood in hope of getting good marks.

This girl named Prakriti Malla is blesses with a beautiful handwriting

Prakriti Malla, The 13 years old girl from Nepal was awarded for having the most beautiful handwriting in the world. She has the world beautiful handwriting.

Prakriti Malla was born in 2004 and currently living in Nepal with her family. She is a student of 9th standard in Sainik Awasiya Mahavidyalaya School located in Bhaktapur in Nepal as of 2018.

Prakriti Malla is very popular on all social media platforms for her beautiful handwriting. she goes viral after her handwritten work pic gets uploaded on social media websites, Now she can recognize as the girl having the world’s best handwriting and everyone knows her name and her amazing talent.

That’s really true God has given some talent to everyone but you should come to explore it and Prakriti Malla did it perfectly. her handwriting is amazing it’s like any font of the computer. the size of every letter and the space between them are perfectly balanced.

World beautiful handwriting - Prakriti Malla from Nepal

She won many handwriting competitions and the Penmanship handwriting competition is one of them, she won that competition and earn the title of Penmanship competition for the most beautiful handwriting, which is organized by the Nepal government.

Nepal government later officially announced her handwriting as the most beautiful handwriting and awarded Prakriti for her amazing talent.

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